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The Institute of Technology, Carlow (ITC) is located to the south of Carlow, Ireland, on the Kilkenny Road. It was the first such college announced and located in 1964. Carlow, just 80 kilometres from Dublin, is one of the largest inland towns in the country and with its strong industrial base, makes an ideal choice for the location of an Institute of Technology Campus.

IT Carlow has three campuses: the main campus is located on the Kilkenny Road just south of Carlow town, the second smaller campus is located off Summerhill Road and overlooking Wexford town and the third is in the old Cleremont Convent in Rathnew, County Wicklow. The institute also had a Kilkenny Campus previously, and currently offers a single course in Kilkenny in association with the NUIM Kilkenny Campus of St Kieran's College.

ITC is dedicated to excellence in higher education through the provision of programmes leading to internationally recognised awards.

Together there are approximately 5,000 students whose courses focus primarily on business, science, technology; these three disciplines are reflected in the institute's seal.

At IT Carlow, every effort is made to combine a stress-free location with top-level tuition and facilities that are the leading edge in a number of key disciplines both nationally and internationally.

It is the only third level institute in Ireland to have a Computer Games Development course which was actually developed in conjunction with Microsoft. It is also one of the few Irish third level institutes to offer a "higher" degree in Industrial Design, generally seen as a continental European and American subject of study.

IT Carlow is the Sunday Times Institute of Technology of the year 2013 / 2014.