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Why Ireland

In the dark ages, Ireland was a beacon of learning, and students from all around the continent would travel to study in Irish monasteries.  Today, it continues that proud and historic tradition and for the last five decades Ireland has been a location of choice for students around the globe.

In the past three decades, successive Irish Governments have put a vast amount of resources into education and research.  The reputation of Ireland’s higher education system has grown considerably, and its research is now making an international impact. US President Barack Obama has said that the Irish people are “among the best educated in the world”.

  • Ireland is the only English-speaking country in the Eurozone.
  • Ireland is a small, safe and friendly country ranked the 12th most peaceful place on Earth in 2013 by the Global Peace Index.
  • Ireland has over 2,00,000 international students and accepts students for post graduation with 15 years of education.
  • Ireland’s Higher Education Institutions have over 5,000 courses on offer.
  • The Irish National Framework of Qualifications system facilitates the recognition of academic qualifications throughout Europe and internationally.
  • The costs of studying in Ireland compare favourably with international options.
  • While studying in Ireland, international students can even work part time for 20 hours a week.
  • Ireland allows international graduates a period of one year to remain in the country in order to find a job or develop a business idea.
  • Ireland is the second most attractive country globally for FDI.
  • Ireland is a member of the European Union and just hours away from countless destinations of the United Kingdom and mainland Europe.