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Student Visas

Irish student visas may be granted for the duration of the student's course in Ireland although it is important to ensure that you apply for the right type of study visa. In Ireland, study visas are issued in two categories, the 'C visa', and the 'D visa'. The former is designed for those who will be studying in Ireland on a very short-term course of less than three months; the latter is for those who need to study in Ireland for three months or more.

Study visas are not intended as a route to living and working in Ireland per se, however, they do permit the applicant to engage in a limited amount of work in Ireland to supplement their income. Students may work part time in Ireland for a maximum of 20 hours per week. However, visa applicants will be expected to be able to support themselves and any dependents during their time in Ireland and this must not be based upon the ability to work once they arrive in Ireland.

One of the key benefits of an Irish study visa is that students graduating from Irish institutions may be able to participate in the graduate program. The graduate scheme applies to all students who successfully obtain a tertiary qualification from an Irish institution and allows the candidate to remain in Ireland for an additional six months during which time they may seek full time employment. If a candidate secures a position of employment they may be able to remain in Ireland through an Irish work permit or by making a green card application.