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How do I apply for a student visa?

• Here is a list of documents you will require in order to be eligible to apply for a visa:

    • Letter of Offer from respective University

    • Receipt of fees evidence from University

    • Private medical insurance

• To apply for your study visa you must prepare a number of documents for your application. Your application should be submitted to your closest Irish Embassy or Consulate.

• If your country does not have an Irish mission, you should forward your complete visa application to your respective University for submission to the Department of Foreign Affairs in Dublin.

• A list of Irish Embassies and Consulates overseas can be found by visiting the Irish Department of Foreign Affairs website at www.foreignaffairs.gov.ie

• The Department of Justice in Ireland has issued guidelines for preparation of your visa application.

• The following information outlines the minimum documentation you must submit along with your application. Please read carefully.

    • Visa application form

    • A copy of the visa student questionnaire

    • A copy of your birth certificate

    • Passport size photographs

    • Detailed CV/Resume

    • A student affidavit/declaration

    • If you are being sponsored, an affidavit/declaration from your sponsor(s)

    • A certificate of relationship between you and your sponsor(s)

    • A statement of purpose/study plan explaining why you wish to study in

    • Your previous academic records (relevant academic qualifications and
    exam transcripts: certificates and mark sheets from high school and

    • Translated copies of your academic records if issued in another language
    than English

    • English language test is compulsory. The following are acceptable -        
    IELTS, PTE (degree courses only), Cambridge English Language
    Assessments, Pearson Test of English Academic or English Test for
    Academic and Professional Purposes.
    language (e.g. PTE or IELTS)

    • A reference letter from your school/college if you are currently a student

    • A letter from your employer if you are currently working (this letter should
    confirm your position and salary. Your employer should also state the
    length of leave being granted to study abroad, and the purpose of
    participating in the proposed course of study. If currently in employment,
    evidence of your salary received such as a recent pay-slip)

    • A copy of the bank draft

    • Recent bank statements (no older than three months)

    • Your sponsor(s) pay-slips if employed, or trade license and tax income
    certificate if owner of a business

    • A police clearance certificate

    • Copy of valid passport (it must have 6 months validity from the date of
    course completion) and a copy of every page must be submitted. This
    includes previous/cancelled passports as well

    • The required application fee

    • Details of family members living in Ireland or the EU

• Please note that although you may be permitted to work part-time in Ireland during your Studies, these potential earnings will not be taken into account when assessing your financial capabilities.

• Please also note that all copied documentation must be notarised, and official translations must be submitted where documentation is not in English.

• All reference and documentation must be on official letter-headed paper, which includes contact addresses and telephone numbers. Please note that references may be checked by visa officials, and that students may be required to attend an interview.

• Any unsigned declarations, false information, forged or fraudulent documentation will result in the refusal of your application and no appeal will be permitted.

• The onus is on you, the applicant, to satisfy the Visa Officer that a visa should be granted.

• Applicants should note that visa applications can take time to be processed and that this time period can vary from a few weeks to, in some cases, six months. The average processing time is approximately 8-12 weeks.