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Cost of living in Ireland

Ireland, in common with much of the EU, is not a cheap country to live in. Dublin City is considered to be more expensive than other parts of Ireland to live. Dublin is followed by Cork, Galway and Limerick in terms of cost of living.

Recent estimates for the cost of living in Dublin have ranged between €8,000 and €12,100, largely depending on the type of accommodation chosen, including rent, electricity, food, books and laundry and medicine as well as travel passes and social expenses, but excluding tuition fees.

Typical costs:


Rent in shared house/flat


€300- €600



€ 60



€250- €400

Commuter ticket   


€ 80

Books and other academic costs


€ 100

Clothes, laundry, medical, etc.


€ 70

Haircut- men


€8– €12

Haircut- women


€15– €30


One loaf



One tube

€1.80– €3.00


Per ticket


Nightclub entry

Per person



Per packet

€ 9

  • Rents and many prices are cheaper for those living outside of Dublin so lower overall costs can be expected.
  • On campus accommodation is in heavy demand and is priced at the higher end of this range.
  • You will be able to save if you share a room with someone in the private sector.
  • If you plan on travelling by public transport, it is advisable to purchase a Student TravelCard.
  • The cost of an average journey on a bus in Dublin is about EUR 2.30 and will depend on the number of fare stages travelled. Weekly and monthly Dublin Bus passes will save money for regular travel.
  • Many students also cycle in Dublin and there are road lanes dedicated to bicycles only.
  • Supermarkets offer the best value for most, but not all, ordinary groceries. Street markets offer the best value in fruit and vegetables, while meat is usually cheapest in butchers' shops.
  • Supermarkets often have bulk buy bargains, which are handy if a group of people go shopping together and the cost can be split for items like rice, pasta etc.
  • Some shops and restaurants will offer discount on production of your college card.
  • If you buy an International Student Identity Card (ISIC) it can be used more widely and you will receive a list of places which offer reductions for students, both in Ireland and abroad.
  • Student discounts on cinema tickets are usually available during the week on production of a student card.