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Accommodation for international students

Students have a range of options to choose from:

  • On-campus accommodation: Almost all universities have halls of residence, generally as apartments of 4 to 8 students, with a private bedroom and shared kitchen, living room and bathroom. Utilities such as heating are usually extra.
  • Student hostels: One can stay in a hostel with other students and the monthly rent provides for use of a communal living area and kitchen, along with a bedroom.
  • ‘Digs’/ ’homestay’/ Accommodation with a family: Students can live as a paying guest in an Irish home, where they will have their own room with space to study.
  • Private rented accommodation: The options here include renting a bed-sit, a flat/apartment or sharing a house. For private rented accommodation, students are recommended to arrive at least 2 weeks prior to the start of the term.
The Accommodation Officer at the university or college is the person who can advise students about the accommodation that best fits their needs and budget. At the accommodation office students will be able to look through lists of suitable places.

When considering accommodation off campus, students should try and find out how good the transport links will be and how much time they will spend travelling.

The Evening Herald is the best newspaper for private accommodation listings in Dublin. For Cork and Limerick, the newspaper, Evening Echo is of immense help.